The world is immersed in a sanitary situation that affects everyone without distinction. In the Dominican Republic we are contributing with the users of our different programs such as Access to Treatment, Pre and Post Exposure Program, Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents, to name a few.

Therefore, people living with hiv and the general population related to our beneficiaries require mobilizing to visit our facilities and go to a consultation, withdraw medications, undergo the hiv detection test or withdraw their basic prevention package.

As they are people who are mostly living with hiv, they may have a depressed immune system and, therefore, have a higher risk of getting infected and / or suffering more severe symptoms and greater damages to their health; they are currently the most vulnerable people to get COVID-19.

It is our duty to take care of the health of each person as their guardian or companions, providing protection for COVID-19, preventing them from being left untreated and minimizing mobility and their presence in health institutions.

With that said, our purpose is to raise funds to be able to ship your medications along with a basic food basket and protective medical supplies to your homes.

We have more than 700 families where at least one of its members is in this health situation and many others are in extreme poverty, so we require all possible help to carry out this initiative and to provide stability in these times of uncertainty.