How to Design a Website From Scratch in 2024

People’s eyes will scan down the left side of a layout until things catch their attention and then read from left to right. Having a couple posts written before you launch will save scrambling to write something after the fact. Oh, did we mention there’s an entire history of art to draw from? So many movements and artists still shape the work of creatives today — especially web designers. Take a stroll through our Web design and art history piece to discover many monumental artistic achievements.

  • What makes that hand-lettered sign for the local business work so well?
  • You can also create sub-items, meaning that pages will be revealed when users hover their mouse over them.
  • Leverage our domain name checker to browse all the available domains.
  • Not only that, but since Google implemented mobile-first indexing, websites are ranked on search results predominantly by their mobile versions.

For example, Hostinger Website Builder uses artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the process in under an hour. Whether you’re looking to expand your business online, showcase your portfolio, or start a blog, a website is your gateway to reaching a wider audience. Having one will boost brand awareness, open up potential revenue streams, and foster a loyal following, among other benefits. The loops and whorls of a flourished font will add personality and elegance to a design, but don’t overuse frilly fonts.


We’ll cover all of the resources you’ll need, the basic steps of the process and highlight some important considerations to keep in mind. This means with web hosting provided automatically, the chance to choose and connect a domain name and security that delivers 24/7 monitoring. For example, Hostinger’s website builder includes an AI heatmap tool so you can easily track which elements of your site attract the most attention from visitors. This is a really neat tool if you’re looking for areas to improve on your pages. We recommend asking your family, friends, colleagues, or even the general public to test the site in preview mode.

How to Make a Website Design

Maintaining helps keep your audience engaged and your site looking professional. The second stage is when you physically start designing your pages and elements, whether you use the help of AI or build your vision from scratch. This is when you implement your color scheme, font type, and tone of voice – and also play around with your copy and imagery to get them in the right position. Now that you’ve set your website’s goal and created a clear brand identity, it’s time to pick a template. A template or theme creates the structure of your website, shaping the layout and overall appearance. Wix and Squarespace are both What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website builders, which can be appealing to beginners without design or coding experience.

Where to find a web hosting provider

That way, your WordPress site will always have the most effective security features and deliver the best performance. Buy shared hosting, which should suffice for a personal or small-scale business website. Incorporating the newest style elements can ensure the site looks modern and up-to-date. However, remember to only apply trends to your website when they make sense. For a full list of features, visit our feature index and explore the Help Center for guides on Squarespace’s many features. Built-in SEO tools and social media integrations to maximize your reach and connect with your community.

How to Make a Website Design

This guide will get you ready to tackle your first project as a beginner. Even if you’re not looking to sell online, a website is a vital component in marketing as it enables people to find out about you online, which can drive sales offline. To do away with the hassle of designing a website from scratch, use beginner-friendly website builders, such as Squarespace and GoDaddy. Also, add images to capture the users’ attention, but make sure they are relevant and of high quality so they can make the right impression on users. Waste no time and create your site from start to finish with Wix’s website builder. Or get started by understanding more about creating a website with AI from these best AI website builders.

What is the easiest way to design a website?

Here’s what the interface will look like if you use the Gutenberg editor. Although the site only uses Bebas Neue, the design is eye-catching, making the headlines significantly larger than other elements. It also uses all uppercase letters on its call-to-action buttons, making them instantly stand out. If you want to use one font type while maintaining some visual interest, vary its size and style. To illustrate how this works, let’s take a look at Black Triangle Film’s website. Fill in the required information and click Start creating to get your logo ideas.

How to Make a Website Design

Knowing it will help you adopt the right content strategy and guide you through choosing the right platform, theme and page architecture. Pixpa offers a multitude of stunning, pixel-perfect, mobile friendly templates. You can customize your site design using a simple & powerful visual style editor. Adding pages to your website is a breeze with Pixpa’s drag-and-drop page builder.

Step 2: Pinpoint Your Domain Name

The first step to choosing images for your website is to identify what types of imagery fit your brand. Once you figure out the aesthetic that represents your brand, you can source the photos and images that will bring it to life. The cost to design a website varies based on factors like the design complexity, the number of pages, and the features required. Generally, its prices range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

When she’s not writing for Hostinger Tutorials and Blog, she immerses herself in the English thesaurus. Her love for personal development essays drives her to help her fellow writers succeed in the world of content marketing. This tool can analyze any website and determine which sections or elements users will focus on the most. It can help optimize the web content placement to maximize conversions.

Access AI Writer and AI Image Generator anytime via the AI tools menu on the sidebar. By default, the latter gives you five credits to generate five free images. All Hostinger hosting plans come with a free domain, simplifying hosting and domain management under one account. Leverage our domain name checker to browse all the available domains. However, opting for a hosting provider that includes free domains with its plans is simpler and more cost-effective. Check out our guide to learn more about hosting a website, covering the steps and tips for selecting a hosting provider.

How to Make a Website Design

It lets readers preview multiple articles at once to decide which one suits their interest instead of scrolling through each post one by one. The page provides two contact options, with descriptions to help visitors know which method is appropriate for their situation. For example, Solidu Cosmetics’ Our Story page features the team’s photo, the company’s history, the brand’s USP, and an introduction video. Feel free to add new blocks to populate the content of your web pages. To create a web page on WordPress, go to Pages → Add New on the admin panel.

For instance, if you’ve already set up your /blog subdirectory, you could add a Time to Read cloneable to estimate the reading time for each post. You can clone interactions, buttons ,or entire portfolio websites, depending on what you need for your own website. Wireframes also force you to consider how site website design basics visitors will interact with the content. This includes the imagery you use on your website as well as brand assets for social media, advertising, etc. For instance, if you’re building an ecommerce website, the website should help you attract your target customers and convince them to purchase your products.

How to Make a Website Design